Monday, January 4, 2016


I started off Jungle January by making some quick jammies. They have been sitting in my "To Do" pile for years and Jungle January was just the push I needed.

The details:
Pattern: Simplicity 2811
Alterations: Added 1 inch to the sleeve length, added pockets
Fabric: Jungle flannel my mom and dad gifted to me years ago
Snazzy Details: Racing stripes on the pants

History: Long, long, ago, in a state far, far away (ok it's only a few states away-Montana) I was gifted 5 yards of a cute jungle animal flannel and a pack of matching bias along with a pajama pattern. It went to college with me and then through several other moves. It languished in my stash for years until the Jungle January gods led me to it in my fabric closet. And thus I decided to make:
Displaying 20160104_104426.jpg Displaying 20160104_104426.jpg

So I made these up really quick (about 2 hours or so) I did a quick length check and thankfully added 1 inch to the sleeve length. I also made them big so as to be comfy. Everything came together very easily. They have you bias bind the back neck and since I had a full pack of matching bias I decided to add racing stripes to the sides of the pants because I had so much bias left over. I mean really, I only needed like a foot for the back neck binding. It screamed to be used. It was a very unique color so I knew it would just hide in my stash unused otherwise. I also added pockets because pockets are the best.


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  1. I love them! The grassy green, the nimble animals- lovely!