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Here is my second Jungle January make! A lovely 50's styled dress. This was actually an unfinished object: a muslin that I had made for the bridesmaids dresses for my sister's wedding. This is how the bridesmaid dresses worked out:

That's right....I even managed to make this dress for a second person. WOOT WOOT!
But on to the JUNGLE JANUARY VERSION!! It was sitting in my UFO pile to have the skirt attached and a zipper put in.

The Details:
Pattern: Sew Chic Tia Dress (w/ Craftsy Class alteration)
Alterations: The contrasts are not in the original pattern, I was taught how to do them on the Craftsy class (Flirty Day Dress I believe is the name). As such, I won't show you how to do them as the class is actually really helpful. However, be aware that if you wear larger sizes like me, the contrast across the bust needs to be extended in length from what is said in the class. (ASK ME HOW I KNOW....thank GOD again for muslins)
Fabric: $1 a yard cotton that I picked up a long while ago. Working through my stash!
Snazzy Details: Front Patch pockets, contrasts, crinoline worn underneath (from pettiskirt style)

History: My sister and her now wife asked me to make the bridesmaid dresses for the wedding since they couldn't find anything they liked at a reasonable price. I got to choose the pattern and my sister chose the fabric. Since it was a pattern and company I'd never worked with before (I got the class and pattern on sale as a bundle for $20 WHAT A STEAL! SO WORTH IT! about 6 months prior) I decided to do a muslin to check for construction pitfalls and fitting issues. And after I got what I needed......There it sat. Unfinished. Looming. Jungle January gave me the kick to finish it:

Initially I had added length to the shoulders (as it seemed like it would be short) but after construction found I didn't need it (therefore, saving headache for the wedding dresses). So I had to take that back out later. I also found out that using actual lining material for the lining......sucked. Big time. The contrast construction didn't lend well to it. So I did cotton lining for the bridesmaid dresses and it worked out much better especially since it was a September wedding and was WARM. Cotton >>>>Polyester in hot weather for linings. All in all, with the class, this dress was fairly easy. Would it be easy without the probably not as easy. Especially if you want the contrast as those directions are NOT in the pattern regardless of what the picture on the front of the pattern looks like!




Puff Sleeves!

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