Monday, January 18, 2016

Web Comic Review: Broken Telephone

Real talk folks, I read a lot of web comics. Like a ridiculously large amount. I think it's a really great way for artists to tell a story and I love some of the ingenuity that comes out of it. One really interesting format I ran into was Broken Telephone ( The concept is that each character has their own stories to tell and their own way of telling it and each story has a different "truth" of sorts. The other interesting portion of this comic is that each story is done by a different artist. It really sets each story apart while the story line holds them together, like a different thread colors in a tapestry.

I honestly had a hard time following some of the stories and was often times disappointed that a story had already moved on. I really enjoy learning about the many facets of characters and to just get a flash in the pan of each one was difficult for me to swallow. It was probably a good experience for me....even if I didn't care for the lesson.

Since there were so many artists, there were some styles I really enjoyed (Rachel Dukes, whoever did the arc "Threat Languages", Ryan Estrada and Will Kirkby, Jenna Salume, and Chad Thomas were my faves) and a few that weren't my groove. To each their own right?

All in all, an interesting experience. I do honestly wish there was more fleshing out of the story....but I guess that means there is a good foundation there?

It's worth the read if only for the experience.

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