Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Long Absence, A New Job, and a New Craft Room!

     Well here I am almost a year later. It's been a long and crazy ride. I got married in January of this year to the love of my life and we had a huge party up in Montana. It was amazing and I was so happy to have all my friends and family there.
     Next up in the world of crazy came a new job! Finally! Now I work as a Metallurgist for one the mines around Elko and am loving it. It keeps me super busy and I get to learn a whole new field that isn't my degree. I've gotten to help solve process problems and see the inner workings of those processes. Plus it equals enough income that Josh and I could buy a brand new house!
     Said house is out in Spring Creek. It is on two acres, totally quiet, has a huge kitchen and is pretty much amazeballs. Now owning a house, we don't have to rent. Which means we no longer have to deal with our landlady. Which is super awesome because she's nuts. We also now get to have two cute dogs. Sasha and Rascal are our new babies. Sasha is a dachshund and Rascal is a dachshund/chihuahua mix. We adopted both of them from the local animal shelter. On top of that, owning a house allows me to have a much larger office/craft room with it's very own walk-in closet! This has helped me get all my fabric/patterns organized which means more craftiness in the future. Oh! And it's also allowing me to take on custom clothing commission work! I even have my own business email! (
     Currently, there are two gals I work with that are expecting. So, I have been working on some super cute baby type things. One item is a shopping cart cover that keeps babies from chewing on nasty cart handrails. the other is a play blanket. I'm doing a set of these items for each gal so will be definitely be posting about them in the future.
    For now that's all you crazy reader you. 

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