Friday, August 5, 2011

Various Crafty Endeavors

Since I have not been employed for the past two months, I have decided to take on various projects around the house. Here are updates for all the projects.

#1)Refinishing antique dresser:
I have sanded and refinished all the drawers. I have to finish sanding the main drawer holder and the mirror and refinish them.
This is the dresser before. This is after sanding.

#2) Making a quilt
So, for the longest time I've had a quilt designed but have never gotten around to making it. Well now I have. I'm making a kirby and metaknight quilt with applique. It will 7ft x 7ft. Right now, I just finished cutting out all the background blocks and am working on sewing them together. Here's an idea of what I'm going for.

#3) Learning to draft patterns and make cool vintage stuff
Well, I got myself a cool vintage 50's skirt pattern and resized it. So now all I have to do is try out my handmade pattern. Here's the skirt.

I have more crafty stuff I've been up to, but I don't have pictures yet. More to come.

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