Friday, February 7, 2014

Fearless February Sew Along: Le Smoking Jacket

Hello all!
This month I decided to do the fearless February sew along over at

For this challenge, I decided to take on a project that I've been putting off for a year.....a smoking jacket for my husband out of brocade made from the Le Smoking Jacket pattern.

I was terrified of doing this jacket for a few reasons:
1) I'd seen several people comment that this pattern is hard to follow.
2)It was going to be made out of brocade! Very slippery and always makes me swear for one reason or another.
3)I would have to alter the pattern a little to fit my husband's broad chest.
4)My husband really, really, REALLY wanted this jacket. This terrified me because I really didn't want to screw it up and have him disappointed.

But, in the spirit of the sew along I broke out the fabric and pattern that I had stashed in the closet and started working on it. It just so happened that I got sick right around that time so it got completed very quickly because all I did was stay in the house and sew.

First I cut the pattern. I will say thank God I know what pieces I need for things as this was the most unclear part of the whole pattern. As always, I had a bit of trouble with the brocade moving while cutting but wasn't too bad.

This is what the fabric looks like that I ended up working with.

All through the sewing, the only real trouble spot I ran into was the sleeves. they just didn't want to lay right for me. UGH! But, eventually, through much swearing, I got them to lay well enough.

The lapel was also a bit difficult to get to stay in place but that was nothing a few stay stitches here and there couldn't fix!!

Anyway, all said and done I was very happy with it and, best of all, my husband LOVED it! See his modeling pictures below. I'm very glad I decided to participate and tackle this project that has been haunting me for over a year!! What a relief! Let me know what you think!!


  1. I made this for a friend! The final product is awesome, but even as an experienced sewist I found the instructions a bit wanting. Your version is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks so much! I know what you mean with the instructions. Lots of head scratching there! Thanks for dropping in. :)

  2. Well done! It looks great :) Kudos for sewing for someone else, whenever I take it upon myself, it usually belly-flops....!