Monday, February 10, 2014

A Next Project Preview

1932 Ladies' Street Dress Pattern, size 44" bustOk Kids! Short post today as I feel like poo but have made myself promise to update my blog with each project I do. I'm starting work on a 1932 day dress turned evening dress. The pattern will be the Eva frock from Patterns of Time! I love, love, love the look of this dress (yes, it's connected. It looks like two pieces but is actually one!) and i can actually wear it with a belt which means my curvy frame won't look awful in it as it does with most "shift" type dresses. Whoo!  
Anyway, I went through a lot of hmming and hawing about what type of fabric I wanted to make this is and what colors/patterns. I wanted it to be very elegant and evening wear slanted as I am going to be wearing it to Cabaret on Broadway in April when I go to NYC with my hubby. Initially I looked for a plaid but decided against it. Then I decided on satin as the fabric type which gave me the desired texture. However, I had a hell of a time with colors/additional textures. I seemed to have gotten stuck on this idea of it needing more texture. So I was trying all sorts of overlays (think sheer sequins and fringe and the like) out in the fabric store. Ended up liking none of them. so I decided on an ivory satin for the "blouse" portion and a black satin for the skirt. Going to do the short sleeved version with a black bow to match the skirt. Will try to keep better track of my "in progress" work so I have better photos than most of my projects end up having. 

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