Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birchbox vs. Ipsy Round 3 (July Review)

It's round 3 and everything is still tied up. Let's see if we can break it this go around.

Background: Ipsy is a monthly make-up subscription that focuses on make-up. Birchbox is a beauty subscription that focuses on high end beauty products and sometimes make-up.

On to the show!

In my Ipsy bag I got: POP Beauty lip crayon in Rose (traded for Coral), Benetint in rose, COOLA unscented SPF 20 moisturizer, BH Cosmetics California Collection palette, and Sexy Hair Soy Renewal. Also comes with a pink see-through vinyl bag. Sorry kids....no pics this time as work is taking over my life.

There were quite a few combos available for this month. Benetint, POP Beauty lip crayon, 2 kinds of COOLA, eyeshadow, scrub, perfume, nail polish, humidity resistance spray for hair and soy renewal for hair. My ideal bag (choosing 5 items) probably would have been: eyeshadow, Benetint, Pop Color, nail polish, and either the renewal or the scrub. Well, I got pretty damn close.

The Good:

POP Beauty Crayon- Didn't like the color I got so traded for coral and LOVE it. Fairly good staying power and good color.

BH cosmetics- This palette is really nice. Good colors. Nice little package.

The OK:

COOLA- A nice sunscreen is always good if a bit boring

Benetint: The stain is nice but if you accidentally lick your lips beware! It tastes AWFUL!

The Bad:

Sexy Hair- I don't use hair products very much. My hair is very low care intensive so this was a miss for me.

In my Birchbox I got: Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche Cleanse, a Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche Treat, WEI pomegranate buffing beads, WEI golden root purifying mud mask, DDF acne control, and Pur Minerals CC Cream Broad Spectrum with SPF 40.

Not gonna lie....when I initially saw the contents of my box online I was kinda bummed. Especially since there was some other stuff that looked awesome (including make-up). Then I started reading through the descriptions. The shampoo and conditioner are for color treated hair and are super high end. I dye my hair colors in unnatural shades. So, ok, point for Birchbox: that could be really helpful. I always love an exfoliate (buffing beads) and masks are always nice when you've had mining slurry splashed on your face and really don't want it sitting deep in your pores anymore. So more points for Birchbox. CC cream and the acne treatment were the only I was apprehensive about before getting my box (after reading the descriptions....I'm calling that knee jerk reactions don't count). Plus then I noticed I get 6 items! SIX! Go me! See how everything panned out below.

The Good:

Keratase- these are very nice and high end. Too pricey for me to buy normally they were a nice treat.

WEI- These are also nice and high end but too pricey for me to buy normally. Perfect for an in-home spa day.

The OK:

DDF- This acne control was ok for me. It seems like it works alright but I have been blessed with nice skin so rarely have acne problems....just the occasional breakout.

The Bad:

CC Cream- I almost never use CC cream and this stuff was nothing special.

Verdict: TIE again. Eventually I'm sure one will win.

If you want to join ipsy here's a link: Join IPSY

If you want to join Birchbox go here: Join BIRCHBOX

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