Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Steampunk Festival Happenings and Outfits WIPs

Hello blogging world!

Ok probably no one. But whatever.

Today I bring to you some of my works in progress for upcoming steampunk conventions.
Looking for Group ala Steampunk
What is steampunk? Generally it's classified as a neo-victorian aesthetic movement. Think a love of cephalopods, tophats, bustles, gears, steam, tea etc etc. Here's Looking for Group all steampunk-ed up for reference.

I'm FINALLY getting to go to some conventions this year!! I'm going to Salt City Steamfest in Salt Lake City July and SteamCon in Seattle in October.

Here's why I'm super excited: Unwoman (cellist musician extraordinaire) is going to be at Salt Lake Steamfest. I LOVE her music. It's always beautiful and touches you in some way. I'm pretty sure she's one of the coolest human beings alive. Here's her playing "The Heroine" which is probably my favorite song:
On top of that awesomeness, I get to have tea there with a dessert bar and get to meet her in person. Tea+Steampunk+Unwoman+Dessert=Epic Times. Added plus, Vernian Process is going to be there. This is their newest single.

I'm excited for SteamCon too! Professor Elemental is going to be there doing his awesome and hilarious chap hop and he also did a series of adventures on YouTube the first of which I've posted here for your enjoyment:

Otto and Victoria in the Dog Park
Brian Kesinger, who does amazing art that I want to hang in every room in my house, is going to be there. One of my favorite pieces (of his Otto and Victoria series) is to the left.

PLUS, I just found out Abney Park is going to be there! This is one of their less talked about songs, "The Clockyard," but I really love it:

TOO. MUCH. AWESOME. IN. ONE. PLACE. Also, I get to go to Seattle which will be a nice change from the desert wastelands of Northern NV. 

Now, onto the OUTFITS!!

The first piece that I'm almost done with is a Victorian recreation piece. It has hand stitched detailing (hours and hours and hours of work....let me tell you. Lots of cursing involved there.), hand stitched cartridge pleats in back, a separate bodice piece with immense tailoring and a false jacket and bust pad. Oof it was a lot of work. But well worth it I think.

I will be pairing it with my black top hat and some sort of black shoe.

The second piece is a kimono-style dress that I drafted together. The top is based off of a traditional kimono pattern and the bottom is free handed. I still need to finish the turquoise/teal edging on the sleeves and hem. Plus finish a petticoat for it (also in progress). It will be closed by a faux leather waist cincher and accented with a vintage golden koi brooch that I will be attaching to a headband or feather pad fascinator. I may even make a thigh holster for some vials or something. Also, probably paired with some sort of brown shoe.

The other planned outfits include a blue bustle skirt with some form of top and one of my many corsets and a jodphur style pant with an Indian influence top. Probably also with that faux leather waist cincher. I'm also making some pieces for hubby so stayed tuned for those too.

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