Wednesday, November 5, 2014

AAARRRGGG a.k.a. Why I Will Never Have Superpowers

AAARAARRRRG!!! I have said this multiple times every day this week. I can't seem to tame all the nasty, irritating things in my life this week.

This is what I felt like doing to multiple people. Thankfully, I didn't and therefore still have my job. I ran into a person (we'll call him Fred) who downright disrespected me during a presentation then proceeded to imply that the group I work for is pretty much useless. And I felt like punching him in the face. But I didn't. I was polite. Then I had a whole bunch of chaos in my personal life and scheduling which makes me crazy. Plus losing sleep. Plus having tons of stuff to prepare for the weekend. And so on. Then in comes the depression, self-hate voices. Those are always a blast.

Anyway, I was reflecting on what I need to do to rectify a few of these situations. I came up with a few personal organization items to get the chaos under control. I'm stuck at people though. You can't magical make people more pleasant. I learned this a long time ago. And I love my job most days which means I'm staying right here. And Fred isn't going anywhere. And I have to talk to Fred to do my job. *Sigh*

So here's what I'm doing. I'm going to vent here. Then, I'm going to seek supervisor guidance and I'm hoping intervention. If I had superpowers, I would explode his head, fly him to a deserted island or brain wash him (telekinesis, flying, and telepathy respectively). But this is why I will never have superpowers. I would use them. Like, all the time.

Then I'm going to try this:

So, here are some things I love:
-Music! I play in a community symphony band and love all sorts of music.
-The Body Love Movement. This has been a powerful movement for me. It has moved me a lot in the past few months. Moved me to self-love and acceptance. To be more accepting of others in any size.
-Animals! My pets are the best and cheapest therapists. They are all adopted and all wonderful. Adopt!
-Sewing. So therapeutic. Plus clothes are born of it.
-People I work with in my department. They are seriously awesome people.